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We have an extensive selection of used storage racks and materials varying in brands and sizes to best meet our customers' space-saving needs. Purchasing used products is a cost-effective way to optimize your storage space. The systems we carry are constructed of high quality materials, providing longevity for multiple owners. Because we frequently receive shipments of used industrial shelving materials, our inventory is regularly updated to accommodate the newly arriving items. So, please contact us directly for the latest materials and pricing lists.

From used teardrop style racks to rivetier racks, we have the warehouse shelving you require to manage your storage space accordingly. You receive terrific discounted prices when you choose to buy used pallet racks from American Handling Materials. The gently used products we sell are from name brand, quality manufacturers who design their products to last. You may be buying used from AHM, but you can rest assured these items will have the reliability of brand new.

Tear-Drop Style Rack                    Sammons Pallet Rack

          Equipment                                            Shelving




For cost effective storage, consider integrating AMH's previously used products in your storeroom design. If you have a cost-conscious budget, but still want the absolute best quality for the price, our ample selection of used materials is the best way to go. Our design team can easily incorporate these high-quality pieces into your custom design.

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